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Who is Ravileela Granites?

Ravileela granites is internationally known as a premium processor and wholesaler of Indian and Imported granite. With over three decades of experience and passion, Ravileela granites offers a superb selection of granite combined with the highest quality of custom manufacturing.

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  • Ravileela has been serving satisfied customers for close to three decades.

  • Ravileela offers granite slabs of various colours and quantity consisting of polished, honed,flamed, brushed, Antique, Bush hammered, sand blasted, tumbled and straight edge in any size and thickness.

  • Ravileela has maintained its reputation with its stringent quality control process.

  • The company exports to the requirements of a diverse range of customers in USA, Ireland, UK,Poland, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic etc.

  • Ravileela provides segmented customer product offering – high quality for quality conscious customers and standard quality or commercial grade products for builders.

  • Ravileela implements orders for infrastructure project based on specific requirements

Ravileela believes in BUILDING ENDURING RELATIONSHIPS with all stakeholders, whether vendors or buyers resulting in consistent, repeat and incremental business.

Ravileela offers customers a wide range of polished Indian granite sourced from quarries in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana , South India as well as imported material from Norway and Finland etc.

The company’s management has in-depth expertise and knowledge about the entire supply chain of granite processing, from procurement to logistics.

The team of senior key management hail both from Corporate and Entrepreneurial background. The unique value proposition is the management’s inherent sense of understanding of customer requirements and ability to cater to the customer’s portfolio requirement

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